Month: March 2016

Help us nominate our new AWAQ board

Next month we will vote on a list of nominees for the 2017-2018 AWAQ board, but we need your help! We are putting together a committee to help identify candidates who have the following traits: Wants to make new friends. Wants to learn more about the local culture. Wants to contribute to AWAQ core community service projects. Wants to help plan fun outings and events. Wants to fill...
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Make your vote count!

Most of us are keeping a watchful eye on U.S. Presidential campaigns, but if you not have not yet requested an absentee ballot for state primaries or the November elections, there may still be time! Depending on your home state, you may still be able to vote electronically and meet the primary deadlines, and certainly the November deadline.  There are some helpful links posted on the U.S. Embas...
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Activities update

Our monthly book club members have been busy reading some great books, and will soon be selecting titles for 2016-2017.  In the past, the reading list has been published in advance so all interested parties have the opportunity to source the books locally or abroad.  If you'd like to suggest a title, please join us on Sunday, March 20th.  This month,  book club will discuss Elizabeth is Missing by...
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Meet Laura of Arabia

Meet Laura of Arabia!  Falconry, a centuries old Qatari tradition, has always been an exclusively male activity.  With knowledge and expertise being passed down from generation to generation, from grandfathers to fathers and to their sons. But now, at least in Qatar, there's a woman who is bending those traditions - Laura Wrede.  Laura is a German expat, who moved to Doha nearly five years ago,...
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March on and keep the faith!

March is a busy time for many of us...spring break, St. Patrick's Day, March Madness, International Women's Day, to name a few distractions and observations.  AWAQ has a lot planned this month, including participation in FAWCO's annual conference, a flower festival and reverse walk to raise awareness of diabetes.  Along with ongoing member-only events and activities, the calendar is full, thanks t...
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Tax season help with a discount

Whether you're a new member of the U.S. expat community, or a seasoned fellow with years of filing experience, it's always a good idea to stay abreast of  new tax regulations and requirements imposed by Uncle Sam.  It's also wise to work with a professional tax advisor who can help implement tax-saving strategies, identify income deductions, and who may point out any potential I.R.S. red-flags. ...
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