Month: May 2016

The heat is on! How to stay cool in the months ahead

Doha News reported this week that meteorologists in Doha expect "above normal" temperatures here and across the region for the next three months.  With climate change affecting weather conditions worldwide, experts fear that temperatures could become especially problematic for the Gulf region, rendering unsafe conditions for humans by the end of this century! So, how do you cope with the intens...
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Saying goodbye

Expat life is full of change, and with those changes, we see many friends and acquaintances come and go.  While we are lucky to have met so many amazing women (and their families), we are always sad to see them go. If you're planning on leaving Doha soon and will not be returning, please take a moment to let us know, so we can remove you from our mailing list.  You can still visit our website i...
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New slate of board members ready to take action

On Monday, May 9th, we'll vote in new AWAQ board members at our Annual General Meeting.  Per AWAQ Bylaws, the slate of nominees has been sent to members, and elections will be held.  As there are no positions with more than one candidate, the vote will be carried out verbally.  Newly elected officers will assume their duties on June 1st. Here is a recap of nominees: President: Regina McCorkl...
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May days and end-of-year activities

May has traditionally been the end of the AWAQ year, a time when new board members are elected, organized activities come to a close, and many of us say good-bye for the summer.  As we look forward to another amazing year ahead with AWAQ, it's also a great time to reflect on all the fun events held throughout year (more than 150), and all the gratifying work contributed in support of Hamad Hospita...
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