Welcome to the American Women’s Association of Qatar!

Welcome to the American Women’s Association of Qatar (AWAQ)! Founded in 1979, the AWAQ is a vibrant and active group for women living in Doha.   We provide a variety of ongoing activities and events, and partner with the wider Qatar community through our volunteer programs. We welcome new members year-round, so if you're recent arrival to Doha, we'd love to help you adapt to your new life here and introduce you to new friends and worthwhile experiences. Beyond our broader mission statement, we're dedicated to our global community, and invite you to join us today!

Informal Coffees

Thursday Morning Coffees
15 Nov

Thursday Morning Coffees

Everyone is welcome at our Thursday morning get-togethers! They start at 9 a.m. at Starbucks at Vill...
Sunday Coffees
11 Nov

Sunday Coffees

If you're new to Doha and want to learn what the AWA is all about, stop by and have a coffee with us...

AWA Qatar Annual Membership Survey 2018 – Thank you for your Input!

First General Meeting

Community Service Collaboration with Girl Scouts