Hospital Volunteer Projects

Hamad Hospital Projects

In 2013 the AWAQ adopted the Heart Pillow Project as its signature philanthropic undertaking, with a goal of offering both physical and emotional comfort to women who are experiencing the anguish of breast cancer, some with little or no family support in Doha.  Volunteers spend long hours sewing pillows to help comfort mastectomy patients, and to provide a bit of hope and comfort to women here at Hamad Hospital. We are fully committed to supporting the development and growth of the Heart Pillow Project, along with other breast cancer awareness programs in Qatar.

Our club has expanded the Heart Pillow Project to include specially designed adjustable totes used to support and adjust the position of the drains that surgical patients must wear for several weeks after surgery. The tote bag, designed and sewn to the specifications of the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hamad, allows the patient to move about freely without fear of dislodging the drains as they resume daily activities.

In 2014 – the group helped to decorate the Palliative care unit. A local gallery donated pictures for the walls and the AWAQ ladies painted and stenciled the units.

In 2015 – Surgical dolls for the Children’s Hospital at Hamad where added to the project – The dolls are cut and sewn by our volunteers and delivered wearing beautiful hospital gowns in children’s fabrics.

  • 30 students from Qatar University signed up to cut and sew heart pillows, surgical bags and medical dolls.
  • Several students from various grade levels at the American School of Qatar also helped with cutting and sewing.
  • We also have several local women who help cut and sew.
  • A group meets weekly to cut and sew.

In 2016– The group undertook to decorate a room to be used as a patient consultation area. The room was painted and furniture was purchased. A friend of AWAQ donated hand painted silk paintings for the room.

We continue to collect fabric, toiletries, pajamas, slippers, socks and bra extenders to be distributed within the Hospital. Each month a theme is set and items are collected at our monthly meetings- these items include bras, scarfs, socks and underwear.

Hamad offers training sessions to enable our volunteers to come on site and volunteer in the children’s unit. For further information please contact Community Services.

Packages containing fabric and patterns are available for anyone interested in volunteering, but who would prefer to do so at home. For further information please contact Community Services.