FAWCO’s free tax webinar

AWAQ members have been invited to paricipate in a free Tax Webinar for Americans living overseas, conducted by Greenback Expat Tax Services exclusively for FAWCO members!

Top 6 US Expat Tax Questions for Americans Overseas

Tuesday September 30, 2014

7:00am Bogota 2:00pm Berlin
8:00am New York 4:00pm Dubai
1:00pm London 8:00pm Shanghai

In this interactive session, tax experts from Greenback will outline the most important ways for you to save money on your US expat tax return. You not only have the opportunity to listen, but ask questions as well! By the end of the webinar you will understand:

  • How the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion can save you money
  • How the Foreign Tax Credit works to offset the taxes you pay to your host country What FBAR is and how to file
  • How FATCA may impact you
  • How to get caught up on your US taxes if you are behind
  • The 2014-2015 filing deadlines.

Greenback Expat Tax Services specializes in the preparation of US expat taxes for Americans living abroad.

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