November sentiments from our President

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

November is my favorite month.  It’s a thirty day celebration of my favorite things – cooler weather, fall colors, apple picking, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, birthdays and the opportunity to extend a four day weekend into an entire week off work!

Speaking of traditions, I’m always amazed at how ingenious expats are when it comes to maintaining theirs in faraway places, whether it’s finding or making ornaments or decorations , or baking holiday goodies from alternative options.  It’s a way that we all keep a little bit of “home” with us wherever we are.  I always remember my mother making holidays the same every year, no matter what country we were in.  Thanksgiving was always consistent, and we knew exactly what was going to be on that table and looked forward to it (well, maybe not her dry, overcooked turkeys!).

This year my husband and I will celebrate Thanksgiving without our daughter for the first time, but will be with our “Doha family” and the US military troops again.  Spending holidays with military members has been our family’s tradition in the US and is one we are happy to to be able to continue in Qatar.  I would encourage everyone who can, to participate this year in AWAQ’s Thanksgiving with the Troops on Thursday, November 27th.   It’s a great program and lots of fun.  Even if you cannot bring something or stay and eat, at least stop by and meet some of the young men and women who are stationed in Qatar, serving our country .

Here’s to cooler weather, great holidays and a happy November to all!