New – “Girls’ Night Out” events

Over and over we’ve heard from women here, whether they are working professionals or trailing spouses, that they want more social engagement in the evenings.  While many of our events appeal to non-working women who have time during the weekdays, we have offered few alternatives for women who work or who want to socialize at night and on weekends.

We’re happy to report that on Wednesday, February 4th, we began offering a regular “Girls’ Night Out” event! We welcome all members to attend these functions regardless of employment or marital status.  Some nights and weekends, we may even invite our “boys”!

Our next Girl’s Night Out will be on Feb. 21, Jazz at Lincoln Center.  Spouses are welcome to join us!

Some other ideas we have in mind include: movie nights, concerts, sporting events, happy hours and dinners, cooking classes, art openings and dancing! Our goal is to host something once each month at locations throughout Doha. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.

We will publicize our events through the club newsletter, online calendar and by e-mail.  If you are interested in coordinating or assisting with this program, please contact Angela at  Thank you!