Experience camping in the desert

If you’ve never camped out in nearby deserts, here’s your opportunity to experience what it’s like to sleep under the stars surrounded by dunes and Qatar’s Inland Sea.

Together with AWAQ friends and families, you’ll enjoy a day of dune-bashing, beach volleyball and swimming, followed by a festive evening barbecue, music, singing and dancing.  We’ll supply the tents and all supplies, or bring your own.  (You may also bring your own consumables in your personal cooler to store in your tent!)

Don’t miss this experience on Friday, May 1. This will likely be the last opportunity to enjoy mild temperatures and the camaraderie of close friends before the onset of summer.   The cost is only QR360 per person, with a 50% deposit payable at our monthly meeting on Monday, April 13th (or contact Tricia or Ereecka to coordinate payment).

For more information and to register, please click here.