Have an RP? Get a Hamad Medical Card

The State of Qatar guarantees health services to all citizens and residents in government medical institutions through a Health Card system, so if you are holding an RP, you are entitled to a number of “heavily subsidized” medical services. These subsidized services can be accessed using the government-issued Health Card. Health Card holders may also fill out prescriptions at a government-run pharmacy at subsidized rates.

Cards are processed at Hamad Government Health Clinic or PHCC locations and you may apply for the card based on the district  in which you live. While the Hamad Medical Corporation posts a number of requirements on their Facebook page, many of our members have been able to obtain a Health Card with only their valid passport, RP, and QR100 fee.  The lease and utility documents may not be required as many companies pay these directly. Additionally, since your RP also includes a photo record, you may not have to provide an additional photo.

We recommend, however, going to your PHCC early to apply, or else be prepared to wait.  Cards are not issued after 12 noon. Some members report that the process of obtaining the card took less than an hour when arriving by 8 a.m!