Complete your member profile today!

Did you know that you can connect with other members of AWAQ, advertise your business, and learn more about each other by using our proprietary online member directory? This optional service is available to all verified members upon login to our website, but it requires your input to make it work best!

Remember that tall blond woman from Australia you met at a recent meeting, but can’t recall her name? Scroll through our directory to find her photo, then click on her!  You’ll find her name, business card, website and all relevant info she chooses to share with other members.  Click on the “deals” tab to find out about her discount offer on products from her home-based business (presuming, of course, she has listed this).  Finally, you can send her an email, connect on Facebook or find her phone number under “contact”.

Or, perhaps you need a ride to a general meeting, and wonder who may be traveling from your neighborhood? Enter an address or location to bring up those that live within 5 or 10 miles. You can even search for those we’ve identified as board or committee members.

Of course, the information online is only as good as what is filled in by our members.  While members have the option NOT to appear in the directory, or NOT to show their address or upload a photo, we hope everyone will use this tool to their advantage.

You’ll have the option to complete your profile upon logging in. From the top blue navigation bar, under “Member Profile”, follow the online instructions to complete each field.

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