Our hearts are in it!

Early this year the AWAQ adopted the Heart Pillow Project as one of it’s signature philanthropic undertakings.   Originally  developed in the United States and later introduced in Denmark by an American Nurse where she established women’s groups to make the pillows for distribution to mastectomy patients for post-surgical relief,  the idea has since spread to many countries around the world. Barbara Phillips, our project coordinator, was introduced to the Heart Pillow by the American Women’s Association of the Eastern Province Saudi Arabia.  We are fully committed to supporting the development and growth of the Heart Pillow Project to provide a bit of hope and comfort to women here at Hamad Hospital.

Sadly, everyone knows someone who is affected by breast cancer be it a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, daughter, friend, colleague, or maybe even yourself. Many of our volunteers are themselves breast cancer survivors. Our project’s goal is to offer both physical and emotional comfort to women who are experiencing the anguish of breast cancer, some with little or no family support in Doha.

Our club has expanded the Heart Pillow Project to include specially designed adjustable totes used to support and adjust the position of the drains that surgical patients must wear for several weeks after surgery. The tote bag, designed and sewn to the specifications of the Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hamad, allows the patient to move about freely without fear of dislodging the drains as they resume daily activities.