Membership Period

Each membership year for AWAQ begins on September 1st and ends August 31st the following calendar year.  Anyone who is interested and eligible to join may do so at any time during the membership year.  Dues are prorated AFTER February 1st. Membership must be renewed each year.

Dues and Other Fees

Although the AWAQ is a non-profit organization, it does require membership dues and other fees to sustain its activities, events, philanthropic efforts and public relations (e.g. website maintenance). The fees listed below for activities and events help us ensure members carefully consider their ability to participate before signing up.  Please note, all activity leaders, committee chairs and board members are volunteers, each contributing their valuable time and talents to ensuring our members maximize their enrollment.

Description Amount Notes
Annual Membership Dues (Sep 1- Aug 31) 150QR
Active Duty Military Personnel/Spouse 100QR
Partial Year Membership (Feb 1 – Aug 31) N/A
Membership Meeting Fee (Sep, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) Members/Associates N/A
Membership Meeting Fee Non-member 110QR Per meeting fee; includes gourmet breakfast buffet
Membership Holiday Luncheon Fee (Dec) TBD
Membership Celebration Luncheon Fee (Apr/May) TBD
 Events TBD Cost dependent on event, usually at a significant discount