President’s Message

We want to thank you for the confidence you have shown in our organization by joining or renewing your membership with AWAQ.  We know there are many groups available to you in Doha, but you chose us – THANK YOU! Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran in Doha, the American Women’s Association Qatar can provide support and be a source of friendship and fun that serves to enrich the lives of women who live in Qatar.

My family’s situation is similar to many here in that we move frequently.  What I have learned is that, along with the excitement and enthusiasm for a new life in a new place, wherever you are moving to, there are unavoidable stresses brought on by the disruptions of a move.

That’s where AWAQ can really add value.  There are times when we ALL need a helping hand, an experienced guide, no matter what the issue may be.  We sometimes need the solidarity and sense of belonging that comes by being in familiar surroundings even in the midst of an unfamiliar country.  For those of us who have been associated with the club for a while, it’s important that we remember the lasting relationships we have formed, and take note of the energy and excitement of the new members who are joining, which encourages us to stay engaged, to keep volunteering and to continue making this club a place that women continue to want to join.

Whether you are new or renewing, we welcome your thoughts about how we can continue to be involved with, and serve, our fellow expatriates and others in Doha.  Please give your feedback and constructive criticism so we can continue to improve and be the club that women want to be a part of.  Thank you!