Your RSVP counts!

Ladies, we need your help.  Board members have been working hard to keep the cost of membership and our general meetings down, but we are continually challenged by no-shows and spontaneous guest appearances.  This makes it difficult to plan properly, and often results in over-paying hotels and other venues that require payment based on the number of anticipated guests.

Our new website registration process makes it simple to RSVP for general meetings and most events.  We are hoping everyone will use this online portal to register in advance.

Conversely, we can also track no-shows and walk-ins.  In order to avoid penalties for no-shows and to ensure we can properly seat and serve all guests in attendance, we kindly request you advise us of any changes in your particpation IN ADVANCE by sending an email to  Recurrent no-shows may result in a restriction or exclusion of repeat offenders from future registrations.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation!

AWAQ Board of Directors