Ask an expert: Everything you need to know about your US taxes

Americans, non-American partners of Americans, and green card holders living abroad continue to seek information and updates concerning their U.S. taxes, finances and bank accounts inside and outside of the U.S.  Join us on Wednesday, April 15th, for an update on all these issues with Jimmy Sexton, a tax expert from Esquire Group.  He will outline the most important ways for you to save money on your U.S. expat tax return and stay in compliance. This will be an interactive session of learning and also providing the opportunity to ask your questions.   By the end of the workshop you will understand:

•          How the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion can save you money

•          How Foreign Tax Credit works to offset the taxes paid to your host country

•          What FBAR is and how to file

•          How FATCA may impact you

•          How to get caught up on your US taxes if you are behind

•          The 2014-2015 filing deadlines

•          What the implications are of giving up your U.S. Citizenship   

Esquire Group is an international tax advisory with a global presence that specializes in tax planning and compliance for corporate and high net-worth clients.  Mr. Sexton focuses on advanced tax planning strategies aimed at reducing a client´s global effective tax rate, through a strategy of structure, design, and implementation of a tax plan, transfer pricing, tax treaties, compliance, and expatriation.  Mr. Sexton presents frequently in the USA and Europe and volunteers for various civic youth organizations. Mr. Sexton has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws in International Taxation.

NOTE:  ANY US tax payer currently residing in Doha is welcome to attend, please forward to others who may be interested in this information.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 am

Marriott Marquis, 44th Floor