Meeting reminder – Monday, April 13

Join us on Monday, April 13th for a journey through the history of The East India Company! 

Over three hundred years ago, The East India Company’s pioneering merchants were the leading traders of luxury goods of their time, forging trade routes across the tumultuous oceans between the East and the West and trading a range of products including tea, coffee, spices, gold, silver and porcelain.

Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, The East India Company was founded to explore the mysteries of the East. As The Company grew, it mapped trade routes through unchartered territory and changed social customs, tastes and ways of thought to influence the very fabric of our lives today.

The Company’s pioneering spirit and sense of adventure created British India, founded Hong Kong and Singapore and introduced tea to Britain and India. Their warehouses were places of wonder, stocking never before seen silks, chintzes, calicos, porcelain, coffees, chocolates and spices from around the world. They played a pivotal role in writing our history in many ways, including planting the first teas in Darjeeling, causing the Boston Tea Party; holding Napoleon captive; and generating the fortune of Elihu Yale, founder of Yale University.

Register online now!  Members and guests are welcome to arrive at 9:30 am for check-in and socializing, and the meeting will begin at 10:30 am.