Meet Keena!

I am honored to greet you as the President of American Women’s Association of Qatar (AWAQ). It was a delight to meet so many new and returning members during our 2015 Kickoff Meeting. Reminiscing on the day I became a member of AWAQ—I recall our dedicated Board Members and Committee Chairs, welcoming membership body, and the efforts we collectively put forward to continue the tradition of the association—I immediately felt enthusiastic about committing to a role on the Board again. The last time I served on the Board in 2013, the association’s Executive Board, Committee Chairs, and general members were vivacious, fun, and dedicated to serve global communities. Now, two years later, we are more vivacious, enjoying more fun, and even more dedicated to our new and old causes. Although some of the faces have changed, our goal remains the same—connect with other women while enjoying fun events and activities, and participating in community service campaigns.

Our Executive Board and Committee Chairs employed a very diverse set of events/activities, key-note speakers, and community service campaigns in which we anticipate that each of you will enjoy. The year ahead will include a new movie group and special guest speaker, Dana Shell Smith, U.S. Ambassador to Qatar. Although we have an exciting year planned, we are always seeking ways to improve your experience, so your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In addition to my previous experience as an AWAQ board member, I possess professional experience as an Accountant and Entrepreneur with an educational background in accounting, public policy, and management.

I look forward to a memorable year, and thank you in advance for your involvement to enable AWAQ to carry on its tradition of excellence.


Keena Esemuede