Take advantage of these great discounts!

With the holidays approaching, you may be thinking of what special gifts to buy (even for yourself), making travel arrangements, and even planning your holiday spread.  Look no further than our member discounts page, and enjoy some great values we’ve arranged exclusively for our members. Here’s a quick view of just a few new offers:

Kashmir Handicrafts Emporium (A.K.A. “The Rugman”) – Those who have been in Doha a while are familiar with Riyaz, who has hosted several AWAQ members at his expansive store, and has made presentations at AWAQ meetings to share his in-depth knowledge of tribal rugs.  AWAQ members save up to 35% on all store items, everyday.

Catari Cat Hotel – If you need a safe, clean and hospitable place for your kitty to stay while you’re away for the holidays, please visit Qatar’s premium cat boarding facility for highly professional and dedicated staff services.  AWAQ members save 5% off all their already competitive and affordable boarding fees.

Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop – Perfect for your sweet tooth, Tim Hortons offers an assortment of snacks and baked goods which is “Always Fresh & Always Baking”.  They also serve sumptuous breakfast items, lunch items, hot beverages and soups.  Visit any of their locations in Doha (Ezdan Mall, Gulf Mall, City Center and Hyatt Plaza) and present your AWAQ membership card for a 10% discount off all purchases.

Be sure to login to the website to see a list of other valuable discounts and how to redeem them.