March on and keep the faith!

March is a busy time for many of us…spring break, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, International Women’s Day, to name a few distractions and observations.  AWAQ has a lot planned this month, including participation in FAWCO’s annual conference, a flower festival and reverse walk to raise awareness of diabetes.  Along with ongoing member-only events and activities, the calendar is full, thanks to the contributions of our dedicated board and volunteers.

As a 100% volunteer organization, it takes many women to keep AWAQ on track and moving forward, and everyone’s commitment is very much appreciated. Like our membership, the club is ever evolving, and we’ve seen several changes in the past year.  Our continued faith in the organization, and in our friendships, is what has sustained this club for 37 years.

Now, looking towards end-of-year celebrations and new board nominations, we urge everyone to think back to when you first arrived in Doha, and to your first encounter with AWAQ.  Most of us remember how relieved we were to make new friends here, and how we happily found assurance from one another, which helped us navigate the cultural differences and day-to-day challenges we each experienced.  Think how much harder it would have been if not for AWAQ!

Fast-forward to the next new group of expat women arriving in Qatar in 2016-2017.  While there are many new support groups and networks in Doha these days, no other organization can offer the same camaraderie and level of organization as AWAQ can. Without the commitment of our members, AWAQ can no longer continue our proud tradition of friendship and service to our local community.

We urge each and every member to consider their ongoing support, and hope to see many new faces getting involved in AWAQ activities.  New board members will be nominated starting this month, and May elections will usher in a new board in May. Those interested in serving on the board should contact any of our current board members, or encourage others to do so. So, everyone, March on and help us keep the faith!