Community Engagement Projects

Why we serve

The goal of AWA’s Community Engagement projects is to be a part of the community and to make a positive impact where we live. Your efforts are vital and will have a profound effect on those you serve. As in any charitable endeavor the time you offer is invaluable. Because we respect your time and abilities, we commit to projects that fit into busy schedules and a variety of interests. Volunteering is a cornerstone of our organization. 

AWAQ has a reputation of providing much needed assistance to well researched projects with science behind their worth. We need you to continue to make AWA stand out and be there for our community! 

Where we volunteer

Hamad Patient Centered Care (PCC) Ambassador Program

The Hamad Patient Centered Care Ambassador Program is being implemented through every department of the hospital. It provides opportunities to be involved in the area that most interests you.  Below you can learn how it’s used with kids and families, and in specific departments like nursing.

The goal for volunteers is to increase patient comfort and have their experiences be an instrument to learn and grow in a field of interest. (commitment of 3 hour training and 2 hrs/week). 

Did you know?-Patient and Family Centered Care

250 Healthcare Professionals Complete Patient-Centered Care Training

Patient-Centered Care in the Nursing Department

To take advantage of this opportunity, there is no need to wait for a specific AWAQ-hosted event, simply contact Hamad directly at

Sidra Child Life Services

The Child Life Services Department focuses on improving the well-being of children and families while they undergo medical care.

AWAQ provides medical dolls and support/lead for their monthly Respite Themed Days. 

HOPE Qatar

HOPE Qatar is a not for profit school for differently abled children, mostly serving the Indian and Filipino communities. Our consistent and dependable volunteers engage and support students in the classroom.

AWAQ actively seeks donations of school furniture, special education tools, office supplies, and volunteers

Girls Scouts of Qatar

AWAQ provides the guidance and materials for the Girl Scouts of Qatar’s biggest function of the year. Over 100 girls scouts gather to trace, cut, sew, and stitch our medical dolls and heart pillows. This activity earns them several merit badges and in return we are able to provide and deliver children’s medical dolls to our hospitals and hearts to soldiers at Al Udeid AB in partnership with the United Service Organization (USO). 

The Orphan Care Center (Dreama)

We seek long or short term and consistent volunteers. Our volunteer must have a clearly designed approach which supports the instruction of a Dreama child.

Examples are: schooling, tutoring, teaching, practicing, exercising, a subject of interest to the child and the volunteer. (time period commitment/training). 

Need more info?

Email Community Engagement Director, Taifa Naeem, by email to or WhatsApp at 3348 5266